Isn’t this Fabulous? 

 Our website has migrated.  Now we are citizens of BlueHost/WordPress.  Building a new site will be fun.

I got to visit Cape Albeon and fell completely in love with the people.  The place is story book perfect.

The header photo – was taken at “CRC.”  I’m either singing a song or telling a story (or both.)

There are people I love all around the room.

It was happy-making, being part of their educational staff for a few years.

Changes All Around

I’m looking for inspiration for the “About” page.  Golly, what should be included and how do we want it to look?  Of course, we’ll figure it out.

I enjoy spending time in “The Garden.”  Here is a photo of “one of my chums” living outside the Chinese Garden Gate.

a friend in the garden

Where will our adventure take us next?

Thank you for visiting!

love & love,