Crazy Lady!

June 17, 2016

I arrived early - which is normal for me - generally SUPER early.  When hosts look around with that "Now, what do i do" look on their face, i either put them at ease, explaining I've brought a book and I'm happy to quietly read until it's time for whatever I'm there to do . . . OR, I ask if i may wait in their library, if it's the kind of place that has a library. 


You'd be amazed at all the libraries a person can visit.  It's truly stellar.


There I was, early at an elementary school.  I read articles in several magazines with ideas I use for tiny tot story times.  Then, I spotted a hard back book called "Crazy Lady" by Jane Leslie Conly.  I settled myself into a cozy corner and drifted off into the story.


This book was exactly what I needed to find. 


I'd been using imagination to create a program to include and empower every person in my own school.


The thing is - finding the Friend - in every interaction - can - take some - time.  (sigh)


This book takes an honest look at being part of a community - and helping to make things work.  Brilliant!


I didn't have time to finish the book that day.  No worries, other copies could be found, either at the public library, or used . . . and - ta-daaa!  It's a Good Story, to the very last word.






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